World Community Grid
230 years, 85 days, 7 hours of Run Time

Help projects like: OpenPandemics - COVID-19, Africa Rainfall Project, Microbiome Immunity Project, Help Stop TB, FightAIDS@Home - Phase 2, Mapping Cancer Markers

[Emerald Level Badge (1 year) for Africa Rainfall Project (ARP1)][Gold Level Badge (90 days) for Beta Testing (BETA)][Emerald Level Badge (1 year) for The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 (CEP2)][Silver Level Badge (45 days) for Drug Search for Leishmaniasis (DSFL)][Diamond Badge (5 years) for FightAIDS@Home (FAAH)][Diamond Badge (20 years) for FightAIDS@Home - Phase 2 (FAHB)][Bronze Level Badge (14 days) for GO Fight Against Malaria (GFAM)][Bronze Level Badge (14 days) for Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2 (HPF2)][Emerald Level Badge (1 year) for Help Stop TB (HST1)][Diamond Badge (100 years) for Mapping Cancer Markers (MCM1)][Diamond Badge (20 years) for Microbiome Immunity Project (MIP1)][Diamond Badge (20 years) for Outsmart Ebola Together (OET1)][Sapphire Level Badge (2 years) for OpenPandemics - COVID-19 (OPN1)][Diamond Badge (10 years) for Smash Childhood Cancer (SCC1)][Bronze Level Badge (14 days) for Say No to Schistosoma (SN2S)][Diamond Badge (5 years) for Uncovering Genome Mysteries (UGM1)][Diamond Badge (20 years) for OpenZika (ZIKA)]

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